API & Repositories

Information about the TSL API and the TSL Repository.



The TSL API is a collection of API's designed and managed by TSL Designs, these API's can be used for free*, and implemented on any project a user wants. Whether its for a game, a website, an Application or whatever you can come up with you the STL API will always be available for free.

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Want to be able to make more requests per month then sign up for one of our paid accounts, either sign up for a Subscription Account paid every year or a Donator Account by making one donation to the API funding, multiple donations are not required but are welcomed.

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* free account have a limitations to api calls per month based on our fair use policy.




TSL Designs has has decided to hold its own repository on its own servers for use by anyone free of charge with absolutely no charge, fees or limits, this repository is held on our TSL API Server.

Our repositories contain scripts, styles and fonts of commonly used Frameworks like jQuery, Charts.js, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Font Awesome adn many more, including some of our own Repositories that are available to public use and free to use. to find out about these repositories you must have a TSL API Account.

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